Friday, March 1, 2013

Moving Day(s)

Moving day unfortunately turned into moving days. Plural, with an "s". It has been and is unfortunately a much rougher transition than we had planned or hoped for.

Tuesday night we worked on packing lost our mojo and then cram packed the remaining things we could on Wednesday morning before the movers arrived.

That part went fairly smooth. They took everything that was in a box and every piece of furniture. Not bad.

The plan was for me to return on Wednesday afternoon and do some more (just taking car loads) and then spend Thursday morning cleaning out the apartment, checking out and being done on the last day of the month.

But it took the movers twice as long as they had estimated (which meant it cost twice as much) but it was still worth their time/our cash. But because of how long it took them, I couldn't get back to the apartment in a reasonable amount of time to complete my remaining tasks for the day.

So Thursday morning it would be. We booked a hotel for Wednesday and Thursday night so we could make the transition a little easier while crucial items got finished (like plumbing and electricity). This was going alright.

Wednesday night, Addison and I arrived at midnight to the hotel, went straight in and straight to bed. Paul arrived two hours later, parked clear across the parking lot, also came straight in and went to bed.

Thursday morning, after the three of us had all had our hotel waffles, we set off to our different destinations. Except I couldn't leave the parking lot because someone broke into my car. They busted out my passenger window, stole my wallet that I had accidentally dropped and left overnight in the car. I cried. I was frustrated, hurt and tired. My phone was dead and I just couldn't take anymore setbacks. Having a talking two year old in these situations is always helpful. "Mommy OK?", "Mommy sad?", "My car broken?". Those little sentences made me smile every time even when all I wanted to do was to punch someone in the face.

So, after getting my kiddo out of the carseat I just put her in, we went back inside, phoned the police, and it turned out we've got lots of charges on all our accounts (bank and credit). So it was considered an Auto Burglary and a White Collar crime. After all that seemed to start clearing up, we realized the license plate on our other car, the one Paul parked clear across the parking lot was also stolen. So three open police reports right now. Three. Do I look like the kind of person that even wants to have one police case open?

The thief vandalized two random cars - only to be owned by the same freaking family. I might have lost it. What are the odds?!

So half of Thursday was lost. I spent practically the entire morning cancelling cards, checking accounts, on and off the phone with Paul, struggling to feel good about making process. It just sucked. Paul came by the apartment at lunch and we both agreed to ask the apartment complex for a one day extension. After we explained our sob story, they agreed and that gave us until we left that night to get fully out.

Which still didn't happen. So today, 15 minutes before we wanted to be out, we were loading the last pieces and vacuuming under the cabinets. But it's done, we are out. And everything we own is now in the house, in our cars or in the storage unit.

I got a new license today, so now I'm not driving an untagged vehicle without a license. Can you imagine getting pulled over for not having a license plate and then having to tell the officer you also don't have a license?! I'd have been in jail for sure. We're still without a tag on the Mazda and we can't get our window replaced until next Thursday, but everyone is safe, all the cards have been stopped and we'll start filing dispute forms as soon as everything has posted.

As 2:15 this afternoon, we are no longer paying rent and a mortgage. While the week sucked and I'm ready to be done with the entire process, those statement above make the week completely worth it. We officially live in Six Twelve (done or not).

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  1. Miscalculations are common in moving. For me, that’s the primary reason why many get frustrated in this arduous process. That week may have sucked, but I’m confident that you have pulled through because of the attitude that you displayed. Yes, our plans may be sidetracked and the progress may be delayed, but it is easier when you deal with these problems with a smile. :D