Sunday, October 21, 2012

Exterior Updates

Our parents have seriously been helping us out over the past week.

My parents came into town and helped us clear about 20 yards of debris out of the house and into a dumpster. Dumping plaster from a second story window can be quite fun.

Shortly after they headed back to Texas, Paul's parents came down from Michigan for the week. While we were at work, they worked on tasks around the house, we'd have dinner and then depending on the evening we'd go and do a couple more tasks.

They dug up plants and over grown shrubs. They mowed our yard. They took steel brushes and steel wool to our railing in preparation for a new coat of paint. We stripped and sanded down the front door. I painted 2/3rds of the front porch railing.

We couldn't believe how much of a difference removing the shrubs and painting the railing made. Paul said having the exterior cleaned up is a moral boost for him. I agree. It's starting to become a totally different house while not changing at all.

We cannot thank our friends and family enough for helping us over the last few months. All of the labor and babysitting has been incredibly helpful and encouraging. But...keep it coming (hah!). Just a few more months and we promise we'll only invite you over to cook for your family or to watch your children instead!

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