Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Blurred and Disorganized Update

We've slept in the house for three nights now. Which is exciting and exhausting.

Have I mentioned we aren't done yet?

There is still A LOT left to finish. We're living amongst our packed and disorganized belongings and construction materials. We're using temporary shades and wearing shoes all the time. Our refrigerator is in our dining room, only one shower and toilet works and the only working sink is in the kitchen.


Last week was an insane dash to get to where we are now. We had electricians and plumbers and counter fabricators working all at the same time in order to get the house "livable". We still have a long to-do list of items to complete before they can fully finish their work but they've been very accommodating. Here's a sneak peek at our kitchen and master bathroom vanity from last week (both obviously unfinished but getting close):

We've tried getting Addison's room as set up as possible so that she has a place to play and can feel comfortable. It's not there yet but we're trying to work on it. It's also not her newly designed room. It's practically her nursery, picked up and placed in a new house. I am excited to have time to actually design and shop for some spaces, this one especially.

Half of our closet system went in last night in order for us to get our stuff off of the bed and stacked boxes. It was such a low priority item pre-move in but now that we're in the house and having to semi-function, it has become a necessity. Which meant painting Addison's closet and our closet moved up the list a lot faster too. Also, seemingly meaningless tasks.

Our good friend Tara also helped us grout Addison's shower. After she finished, I grouted the rest of the her bathroom floor. Her bathroom still needs paint, caulk, a cabinet above the toilet (which is down the road) and the plumber has to finish installing the sink/faucet. All of these items are high on the priority list. It's time to buckle down and get some of these things checked off. Hopefully Tara loves me enough that she won't murder me for posting this picture. And maybe just maybe, she'll still let Addison marry Levi. Look at that gorgeous tile (and installer) though!

And lastly for my post today, our amazing new home security system was installed this morning. Paul and I like old neighborhoods and the urban core. We don't however love how rickity the old houses can sometimes be or how most of these neighborhoods are surrounded by "fringe" neighborhoods. It's all safe enough, but we knew we would feel better with a new home system. This is a much larger house (i.e. much larger target) than we've owned in the past and while our neighborhood is great, crap still happens. This system is so high tech that I think it could cook me eggs in the morning if I could figure out how to program it correctly.  
We have been working hard to try and get finished or as finished as we're going to get. We are so thankful to all of our friends and family who have helped us with labor or with child care. My parents come back up on Friday/Saturday to help a little more and hopefully Friday night we'll have 95% of the entire house painted.

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