Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lessons I've Learned this Month

1) We are not contractors. We are capable. We are handy. We are organized. And yet, we are still not contractors. There are times I really don't want to get dirty. There are times we can't make something look right. There are times.

2) I am an extremely co-dependent spouse. Which is sort of strange since I am the outgoing one. Maybe I've always been that way. Maybe Paul's willingness to do whatever I don't want to do has spurred it on. Maybe it's because I was never single, living alone, having to do all sorts of things by myself. I watch my friend Tara handle a paint machine and tools like a boss and I have no desire to get into it that deeply. And if it were me instead of her or without her, I'd just ask Paul to do it for me instead. And he would. Not because I'm the boss, but because he would never turn down helping me if I asked and I think I take advantage of that.

I'm not upset about either one of these things. They are what they are but I need to work harder on the 2nd one so that Paul doesn't constantly feel pressure to do everything himself.

3) I've also learned that wedding rings shouldn't be worn while performing certain activities. Hopefully a good cleaning can take care of this poor thing.

4) And that chaos breeds chaos. Tackle a space at a time and move on. We're getting there and it'll be glorious once we've arrived.

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