Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stainless Steel Single Sink Sickness

Or S.S.S.S.S to those of you who also suffer from our obsession.

At our first house, when we remodeled the kitchen in 2010, we went with a single basin, deep, stainless steel sink. Mainly for aesthetics. We had been using an old enamel, double sink and didn't really spend much time considering the pros and cons of both types before making our next purchase.

2.3 seconds into our first use of our new sink, we were sold. It was amazing. We could fit ANYTHING in the tub (pasta pots, large Le Creuset Dutch ovens, later an infant). I've never really used a double sink for washing dishes, clean water on one side, dirty on the other. Um, hello dishwasher. So having a double bowl just proved to be cumbersome.

We sold that house, sadly including my sink and moved into an apartment. With a double basin, enamel sink and it was utter torture. Every dish I rinsed, every pot I filled, I would take a moment to dream of the day I would have a single basin again.

In 2010, they were everywhere. We bought our last one at Home Depot.

Apparently, I'm either out of style or stores in Oklahoma weren't selling them well and it was impossible to find a sink. I really wanted to see before I bought this item.

We did finally find one locally and just as before, I am in love. I'm telling you guys, this is the only way to wash and fill. I have a feeling all of the sinks in heaven will be just like this one.


  1. I would agree! In our first apartment after we sold our house there was a one bowl sink, porcelain, but still. I have dreams about it. Second apartment was a double sink, and when we bought this house we needed a new one but I wanted cheap and fast and bought a double sink kit. Now I'm scheming ways to get the one FROM the first apartment. I love it that much.

    I can hear it calling my name :)

  2. See, I'm a double sink lover. I come from a non-dishwasher using family so a drain rack in the 2nd sink is a must. Who knew that sinks were such a personal preference.