Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our Fireplace (2 of 4)

I painted our living room fireplace mantle and surround this weekend.

I don't love this fireplace. Not like my last one. My last one was beautiful and chunky, original wood and had built in bookshelves from 1914 flanking each side. I miss that fireplace. This fireplace feels too stodgy to me. Too "look at me, I'm marble".

But, with limited funds and some desire to leave original pieces with the house, it stays.

But it was dingy and gross, covered in a thin layer of nicotine.

So it desperately needed a coat of paint. We had bought a quart of high gloss door and trim paint for something else but decided to use it here instead.


It was a bit more difficult to put on in a vertical application than a regular latex would have been but looking at it today , it was well worth the effort.

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