Friday, March 22, 2013

Priorities - Who Needs 'Em?

A few days ago, I had Paul swing by Home Depot at lunch and pick up a quart of paint. Color matched of course because that is how I roll.

Black Fox.

It's the darkest shade in the swathe of paint shades that my Repose Gray falls in. It appears as if it is the perfect mixture of black and brown. After finding this room on Pinterest, I wanted to paint the interior cavity of the faux fireplaces in the sitting room and the master bedroom dark.

The fireplace in the living room downstairs has a black tile on the interior and I like it quite a bit so I guess nothing screams "I'm fake!" more than a fireplace all painted one color - especially peach or white. The sitting room is quickly becoming my favorite space of the house, all I want to do is finish it out, and so last night at 9:40 I busted out that quart of paint and went to work. While the paint was going on it was less black, more fox. I trucked through the painting and am so thrilled I did.

But first, lets talk about where this little paint job fell into our priority ranking shall we? We have a SIX page, typed, 9-pt font, double columned punch list of items that we need to accomplish to consider this project "done". The items listed are quite detailed, which is why the list is so long, but items nonetheless and items that are much higher on our priority list than painting the interior of the fireplace in the sitting room. If you guessed that this rated around the -17 on the list you'd be a rich, rich individual.

But I painted anyways. I needed a small victory last night and this was it.

I've decided since the heater doesn't work, but I really want to leave it in place, to paint it the same color as the cavity. I want that whole inset to feel heavy and weighted. I want it to draw your eye in and I don't want a dusty old, inoperable heater distracting you once you get there.

I've promised myself that this task won't happen until long after our to-do list is done though. It's too frivolous to justify until then.

I love a good contrast storyline in a room and this one is just getting started.

Another insignificant priority that I am choosing to be obsessed with anyways is finding a barrister bookcase for this room. If you're out junk shopping and find one in relatively good condition that won't cost me a fortune, let me know! I'll take metal or wood.

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