Monday, March 25, 2013

Paint - The Final Color Selection Part 3

Our master bedroom has that ominous paint #3 I mentioned a few weeks ago. The master closet, master bath and the sitting room are all the Repose Gray that is throughout the rest of the house but the actual bedroom portion is a shade lighter than our bathroom vanity. The vanity was painted to resemble the kitchen cabinets as closely as possible.

We had a sample of our kitchen cabinets color matched for a closer formula to actually use but Sherwin Williams' Coastal Plain is pretty close as it is. So we took that Coastal Plain one tint lighter and used SW's Contented SW6191 for our bedroom walls.

While I was in the living room downstairs painting the mantle and fireplace surround, our bedroom was getting painted. My parents brought another helper with them this past weekend and he painted our bedroom so quickly and so well I just thought I might cry. For two weeks, since we moved into the house, painting our bedroom was high on the priority list. Yet, something bigger and more important kept knocking it down the list. I had high hopes for it to get painted but no expectations. But, back to my story, because I was painting with an oil based paint, I didn't want to stop in the living room until I had finished with the entire piece. The paint quickly became tacky and I needed to ensure it didn't dry unevenly. Paul took a picture of our bedroom in the middle of the painting and brought it down for me to see the color.

"That looks terrible!" was all I could say. He stared at me like I was nuts and started to voice his approval of the color when I quickly clarified that I loved the green, but the pink-peach-off white trim was what looked horrible. Thankfully that color isn't staying so that doesn't matter much.


The photo above was taken right after I painted the fireplace in the bedroom. The door frames and baseboards, doors and window trim all need to be painted white now to match. Just painting the fireplace alone gave me a good feeling about the overall room. It's going to feel clean and I cannot wait.

I love the color tie in from the bathroom to the bedroom. It makes the rooms feel cohesive and balanced. Well, minus all the junk and unplaced furniture and of course the half painted trim. As cohesive as this is supposed to feel at this stage. My dad cleaned and oiled the wood floors in this room and we laid down our new rug before moving our bed into place and calling it a night. It's starting to get comfortable around here and we are not complaining. 

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