Monday, March 11, 2013

One Week Post Move In

It has been a little over one week since we moved into and started living in our house.

It is utter chaos.

There are boxes and random pieces of furniture and art EVERYWHERE. There are construction tools and supplies strewn in between. It is a mad house.


Tomorrow 1,400 linear feet of base and base shoe arrive in 16 foot lengths to the chaos. We just keep piling on the crazy around here.

This past weekend my parents came up to help us out again. My mom was on Addison duty who was adamant about wearing big girl underwear. Girl is obsessed with them which just added to the heightened alert we were all on. Everybody wears panties and she tells everyone so. Including her dad and her Papa. It's adorably exhausting. She drug me into her bathroom yesterday to try and go potty. She had already pulled out a pair, draped them over the side of the tub and was ready to rock and roll. She never intended to pee, but she knew sitting her butt down on the potty was a necessity to getting out of the diaper and into the underwear. 45 seconds later she had peed all over the floor. Again, exhausting and yet adorable.

My dad and Paul finished installing the upper cabinets in the kitchen. We have to put on the refrigerator end panel and trim out the cabinets, after the grout is done we'll install the shoe mold and the kitchen will be 98% complete.

And we painted. And we painted. And we painted.

Tara, our dear friend who grouted our shower, and her family own an industrial paint sprayer, with a roller attachment. She rolled, I cut in. Other than the disastrous "paintacolypse" of 2013 that happened in our spare bedroom, the thing was a life saver. And even when the disaster struck, no one died and other than our clothes and Tara's pride (and maybe not even that), nothing was hurt.

On average, it takes about 3-1/2 to 4 hours to paint one of our  bedrooms (big rooms, tall ceilings). Two hours for all the cut in around doors, windows. outlets, switches and ceilings and then another hour and a half to knock out the rolling. We had these bedrooms done in less than 2 hours. I have to finish cutting in the sitting room, our bathroom, closets and the hallway. All that cutting in and just in order to catch up to where we stopped rolling Saturday night.

I'm not entirely sure what we're going to do about this wall/cut in at the ceiling. I guess something will come to me if I keep staring at it.

We plan to utilize the sprayer again to paint the entire first floor pretty soon. It's all one color downstairs so it'll be fast(er) work. And then our bedroom needs to be painted. It's a different color so of course we'll be doing it the old school way. Yipee. 4 hours of painting, here I come.

Paul spent the majority of yesterday installing our waterproofing system for our shower. We went from plywood and some plumbing fittings to an orange, panned, ready for tile system in less than a day.

It was a busy weekend. So much so that we are both feeling terrible today. With the time change, a toddler, full time jobs and this pretty physical project our bodies are about to hold up the stop signs. Hopeful that we can make it a few more weeks. Just to get finished, cleaned and slightly unpacked. Then we can do nothing for months on end. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

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