Saturday, May 25, 2013


Now that the heavy lifting is done, and we've moved on to scheming other projects, we are also at a point that we are going to start making the house ours. It needs to reflect us and our style but in a budget friendly and timely manner. So what I am really saying is, this is gonna take awhile.

We've debated furnishing and finishing a room at a time. Entirely outfitting a room before moving on to the next. But I don't know if I'll be able to do it that way. My mind gets going a million miles an hour in every direction and the next thing you know, I have a dining table in a room with no chairs. True story.

I also have commitment issues. Mainly because I know how many options are out there. It's hard to say, "yes" to a piece when you know there are a thousand other choices out there and you have the ability to find and purchase them.

We talked about finishing out our master suite first. Which would be nice to have our area done but I've already found a mirror I love for the mantle in the living room. It's huge with a 38" diameter. And the price tag isn't all that outrageous. I've seen more costly mirrors before. But money that could be spent on Addison's big girl room, or on our master suite. So it's a give and take. It is on back order until the end of August so until then I think I'll just wait and save up my pennies.

I did pull it into a picture I took last night using Photoshop to see if I would really like it. Turns out, I like it more than I thought I would. So until I've got the cash and it's available for purchase, I'll just pretend like that is what our living room looks like.


  1. Christa,

    My wife, Katie, and I are going to be moving to OKC this summer as part of a military move. We're considering purchasing a house in the Lincoln Terrace area and trying to get a feel for the price of utilities to help with a budget. We're hoping to leave some money left over for renovations and beautification! Do you have a rough average for what electric, gas, water, sewer, and trash removal are monthly? Obviously this depends on home construction and usage but we're just trying to get in the ballpark.

    Thanks for your help and the great blog!

    1. Jim!

      Sorry I didn't comment back sooner. Our utility bills are relatively fresh since we've had a mild summer, and we also renovated so the walls are now insulated, unlike most older homes in the area, and we have all new HVAC. That said, we're less than $200/month on electric for this year. Gas bill topped out at $110 in winter, but was less than $20 last month. Water is averaging $55 (includes trash, ambulance fee and stormwater fee).