Thursday, May 23, 2013

Already Scheming

Now that it is "official" and we are "done" with the house, we are already scheming.

We still have lots of projects we want to do so don't be surprised when you ask what we did this weekend and we respond with "we worked on the house".

We are taking a few weeks off from some of the projects in order to work on unpacking and relaxing. It's our goal to have all the boxes unpacked by our 1 year anniversary of owning the home - coming up a lot faster than you would think. We'll get to these other things when we feel like it. But as far as the lender is concerned, we are done. So everyone take a deep breath with me.

It's amazing that we are done and oh so tired but already getting excited for our next plans. I'm obviously excited about getting the interior done but we're also excited to work on the exterior.

We've already come up with a general layout for our exterior and will come up with a little more defined idea of what we want soon. What type of patio, what type of fence, plants, etc. My latest Pinterest obsession is backyards. We'll slowly start implementing our plans and just like our old house, in a few years, we'll be thrilled with the result. It'll be worth the wait, I promise.  

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