Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Posts are Coming


It's been over a month since we have posted; mainly because it's been almost a month since we've done anything on the house.

Not kidding.

We've worked on one task since my last post. One. And it has been glorious to be so slow. We're not even done with that task yet, (which is kind of ridiculous) but I've decided, while it's not even close to being a critical path task item, it will be the first thing we actually finish.

It's that crazy porch ceiling. We took down the existing in order to insulate for the room above. We installed the new bead board months ago but never got around to installing the crown or painting it white. The crown is installed but it and the ceiling are still sitting unpainted. Next weekend, we break out the white paint.

I am also working on some decor type stuff, mainly in my head, but little projects are starting to happen. I'll keep you posted.

AND, would you believe it?! This Saturday marks one year since we signed on the dotted line and committed ourselves to the most intense project we've ever undertaken. I am going to try (TRY) to get photos of the house, the same photos I took a year ago. I will not stage anything. I will not clean up. You're just going to a get a Year One Update. While this year's photos are a drastic improvement from the stage it was in a year ago, maybe by Year Two this thing will start looking really good.

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