Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Home Crap Home.

We were gifted this book right after we moved into the house. I read it and giggled. It was most certainly for Paul and I but it's been on Addison's bookshelf ever since I read it the first time. Paul read it for the first time just a few weeks ago and smirked all the way through it.
It's a rhyming book about a dad that renovates a house, DIY style even though they are just learning how. It speaks to grand ideas and plans, a willingness to try things yourself and to loving each other even in shortfalls and disasters. While Addison probably won't remember any of the ups and downs we've had over the last year, I know that every time we read this book to her we'll remember and we'll continue to smirk. I look at small imperfections in the house that very few people will notice and I smile. I hope Paul does/will do the same.
Paul's uncle (a professional handy man) also recommended a book to us, long before we took on this project, called Sheetrock and Shellac.
If you have ever renovated anything yourself or done any home improvement, it's a pretty funny book. I want to re-read it now that we're finishing up.
And finally we did watch the Money Pit. People had been joking with us about this movie from the day we started the renovations. Paul had seen it before, a long time ago but I never had. It was funny and cute and I am glad we waited until we were so close to the end to watch it.

Home Crap Home 
The Money Pit —

My favorite line, "Home Crap Home" given by Tom Hanks was so appropriate. We're past that point, luckily, with our house now. I'm starting to feel good in our house but I definitely had a few moments when I would pull up to the house on a work-day and that was my exact sentiment.

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