Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This Old 612

(FYI: This is Paul writing. I don't do it often on here.)

I've always been a passive fan of This Old House. I remember watching episodes way back when Bob Vila was host, and catching bits and pieces when Steve Thomas took over. Kevin O'Connor now does the main hosting, and he's pretty active on Twitter. As we really began working on 612 in earnest, I turned to the show and watched every episode of the 2012 Cambridge house. I watched a few episodes more than once. While not everything they do on the show applies to Oklahoma or our current project, I appreciated all the help I could get. I started to DVR every episode of Ask This Old House as well. Usually got a good piece of info out of every episode. The general website contains a ton of helpful videos and articles that have guided me along the way as well. I will admit that when Christ and I subscribed to This Old House the magazine for a couple years, we never felt like we learned all that much. Maybe we weren't paying enough attention... not sure.

To me, the interest in This Old House is twofold: First, they do an incredible job of educating homeowners and renovators. Second, they are just plain funny. I love the humor displayed on the show. It makes everyone feel so much more real and connected. Most of the TV I have loved to watch over the past years is usually educational with a side of humor (Good Eats being among my favorite). The combination always helps me learn.

Last week I noticed that two of the other main contractors had entered into the Twitter world: Roger Cook and Richard Trethewey. These two guys are only being followed by less than 400 people each right now. I know it's early in their Twitter life, but I recommend anyone interested in home rehab/renovation/landscape follow these guys. And, as a silly side note, when I mentioned this on Twitter last night, Kevin was kind enough to reply back. Always makes me smile when someone like that takes the time to reply.*

*If I was counting, and I'm not... or maybe I am, that's Rick Bayless, Desmond Howard and Kevin O'Connor that have directly interacted with me on Twitter. I'd likely never had a chance to talk to them before Twitter.

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  1. I'm right there with you on TOH. I could watch it all day. Thanks for the Twitter tips.