Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kitchen Window Casing

The window and door casings in our house are 1" deep, extremely wide and extremely custom. Not only are they mitered joints, they are a combination of 45° and 90° mitered cuts and joints. During the process of de-construction and construction, some frames got removed that wouldn't be reused, some were damaged.

This little window and it's casing in our kitchen received major damage during the demolition phase and so we popped off the remainder with plans to reattach casing at the end of the project. But as we were looking at the room and the available trim options to us, we decided to dig out an old door frame from the basement and modify it to fit here instead. That way, all the window casings in this very prominent room would match. The kids bath needs all new casings for doors and windows. Therefore, we'll use something different in that room, but since all the trim in that one room will match, most people won't even notice that we have two types of casings in the house. Except all of you since I just blogged about it.
The existing casing we picked up in the basement had a 32.5" opening and this window casing needed to have a 32" opening. We cut the frame down to size (in height) using our miter saw and then cut the frame in half right down the center, removed 1/2" and then broke out our nail gun and pieced it back together.


It needs some caulk at the joints,  the nail holes filled and a good coat of paint but I can't believe how different the entire room feels now that this one, itsy bitsy window has been trimmed out.

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