Monday, April 8, 2013

A Quickie

We've been busy. Busy at work. Busy at the house. Busy with school prep. Busy with a toddler. We've been busy. Tired of hearing me complain about how busy we are? Well give me 3-4 more weeks and then I promise I'll lay off a bit. School will be out for the summer, the house WILL be done (as far as our lender is concerned) and we can start working on other projects on our own timeline.

As I mentioned before, we had our plumbing problem fixed.

But since then:
  • We went to Texas for Easter weekend.
  • We had the ceiling repaired.
  • We primed and painted the patched ceiling (more on this later).
  • We tiled and grouted the front entry.
  • We ordered another ceiling fan to replace the one damaged in the flood.
  • We tiled the bonus room.
  • We installed the support system in the ceiling for our new island vent hood.
  • We repaired a broken step.
  • We attached the boards to the top of the window bench and created the beginnings of a provision for the gap at the wall.
  • We painted the double oven cabinet where we had to add some unfinished wood supports to hold our oven in place.  
  • We primed the metal floor air registers that sit on tile (more about this later).
  • I took the 3rd section of the NCIDQ (again).
  • Paul took Addison to the zoo while I was at my test.

Today, the electrician is at the house working on his remaining to do items (install sconces, new service line, can lights on the covered porch, etc.).

Our major tasks can really be summed up in four areas:
  1. Finish Tile/Grout
  2. Finish installing Trim
  3. Finish Painting (walls and trim)
  4. Clean
It seems easy but the actual list is actually much longer. Going now to work on narrowing down some tasks for tonight!

I promise to try and keep you updated a little better over the next few weeks.

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