Monday, April 15, 2013

A Well-Rounded Weekend

We had a very well-rounded weekend. We shouldn't be to that phase yet. We should be cramming. But we needed a balanced weekend, so we took one. This week however is going to prove to be quite the mountain of work.

Friday night we had dinner in Edmond and I went to my student's senior presentations while Paul and Addison had ice cream and went to the park.

Saturday we repaired the damaged trim in Addison's room. When the demolition was happening (and even before we bought the house) some of the casings and trim pieces were damaged. Addison's room had two spots that needed to be replaced. Paul took a wood chisel, rubber mallet and a hand saw to them, removed the damaged pieces, cut existing trim not being used down to size and installed it so (once it's painted) will look complete. We also made a trip to Lowe's where Addison was the most beloved item in the entire store, by everyone. During her nap, Paul took box after box and bag after bag and tree limb after tree limb out to the curb and created the most organized bulky waste day pile you have ever seen. We cleaned some of the rooms and then we had dinner with some of our favorite people.

Sunday, Paul grouted the backsplash tile wall directly behind the sink/cabinets in the kitchen before Addison and I even got up. We went to church, removed a back screen door and grouted the shower. And I started to clean the glazing in the french doors in our bedroom.

By "started to", I mean that I got two panes clean out of twenty-four. Between the unbelievably sloppy paint job (like a blind person did it), the layer of nicotine and drywall dust, it took awhile. I mean, the two I cleaned look like there's no glass in them at all. Tonight I plan to tackle "trim" in it's entirety, not accomplishing the entirety but just all things trim, I will probably touch tonight. Taping, caulking, painting, etc. Unfortunately, cleaning and scraping the other windows in this door are included in that. Yipee.

We are considering this one of our final pushes. I am hopeful that we can find the energy and the determination to do whatever it takes this week to make the rest of this happen. This includes all the very detailed finish work (painting trim, cutting in remaining paint areas, touching up ceilings, adding shoe mold to our cabinets, etc.) We will have access to a free (to us) trailer on Saturday for a few hours after my piano gets dropped off. We will use it to empty our very organized and full storage locker. Before I "move" into this house, it really needs to be done. So there's the motivation right?! Work (like our real work a.k.a. our day jobs) are going to be long this week as well as we both push for project deadlines and tasks. If we are walking zombies by Tuesday afternoon, please disregard us. Also, please send prayers, love and caffeine (mainly in the form of coca-cola - but we won't be picky).

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