Monday, October 1, 2012


Things are progressing at the house. This past weekend, I had to spend two days in Tulsa taking my licensing exams so Addison spent the weekend in Texas with her grandparents. That way Paul (with the help of family, friends and myself when I returned) could accomplish this:

That is our entry. No walls, no floor, no entry door frame. We are about to start the insulation process, electrical work and then we'll be ready to put this room back together.

Paul and some of the guys framed the opening between our bonus room and the kitchen. Previously it was full of studs and now its a clear opening. They also removed the studs between what used to be the breakfast room and kitchen and added a new beam. We still need to frame up the ceiling in here. The existing beam (the one above the back door) is a foot lower than the rest of the ceiling in the kitchen. Since we added the second beam, we decided to drop the ceiling all the way across. It still leaves us with an 8'-6" ceiling in the kitchen and allows for us to add recessed down lights.

Paul and I framed in our closet. Turns out, the "bonus space" that was in Addison's new room that we would be converting to our closet was originally the master closet anyways. Someone along the way closed off the opening and created the larger space in the other bedroom. When we busted the plaster out we found the original door opening (SCORE!) so we just had to put the wall back where it was originally on Addison's side. Now I don't feel so guilty for changing up the floor plan.

We also framed in 2 of the 3 doors that lead into our master bathroom. Previously, this bathroom served as a jack-and-jill. We're converting it to our master bathroom and the door on the left used to lead to one of the spare bedrooms. Since we closed that off, we decided to close off the door that lead into the room over the porch. We have french doors from our room to this sitting room and decided the wall space was more valuable in the bathroom than an extra door.
We have some framing to do between the dining room and the kitchen and the kitchen ceiling that I mentioned earlier.
Our list is still long but we're trying to make progress, hopefully before we know it, we'll be doing nothing but putting it back together instead of the prep.
Today, the HVAC installer is continuing to work. He's already cut almost all of the supply vents, is working to get the duct work in place and is moving along at a pretty good pace. The insulation crew comes out today and applies the spray foam to the underside of our roof deck and will come back later to blow in the insulation for our exterior walls.

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