Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lessons Learned

At work we have this phrase we throw around constantly...

"Lessons Learned."

Every project something happens (a.k.a. mistakes), we learn our lesson and implement different directions on future projects.

We even have full meetings devoted to Lessons Learned topics. Everyone has at least one. Some have hundreds (slowly raises her hand in the air).

Well now, Six Twelve has one (or maybe twenty) and there will probably be plenty more by the time we are done.

Lessons Learned #1: Dumpsters

We ordered our 3rd dumpster this week. We had budgeted for construction dumpsters but not three of them. When we determined we needed another dumpster we decided this one was coming out of our pocket. We had already used our alloted money from our house budget and we didn't want to take away from other important items. Our family budget would be the one that would take the third dumpster's financial hit.

So, I became a price junky. I wanted to make sure that we got the biggest dumpster available at the cheapest price and for the longest time. This was eating into my furniture/decorating funds here. We were going to get a better deal.

Previously we used what we would consider the most well known dumpster company, Waste Management. They have the best marketing out of all the companies in town and it was the easy, order-online choice.

I (of course) created an Excel sheet to compare prices, terms, fees, etc., this time.

We found a cheaper company than the one we had used the first two times. By about $60. So we called them up, placed the order and scheduled delivery for today.

We met the plumber at the house this morning that is taking care of our gas lines and there was our third dumpster. From the same company the first two dumpsters were from.


We could have saved another $120 if we had just gone through this other "middle-man" company first. Same dumpster as before, same pick up as before, but we get it longer without extra fees and the base price was even cheaper.

So, if you're in the market for a temporary construction dumpster, tell us and we'll give you the steps for a cheaper but identical product.

Lesson learned.

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