Friday, September 14, 2012

For the Win

Remember in my post about about the kitchen I mentioned that we we're hoping to save some money on our appliances?

Well, we actually did it! I know that shouldn't be so exciting but saving money on something, just anything, was wonderful.

We hit up Metro Appliances & More a few months ago and found out they had a "back room" of damaged and close-out appliance models on sale. We weren't quite ready to purchase anything yet so we did a quick breeze through and then went on our way.

With the house under construction we decided to start keeping an eye on their website as their Edmond store kept a very accurate listing of what was in the back room. Paul happened to check their site earlier this week and saw a close-out double oven, 36" gas cook top and dishwasher that just had all had their prices dropped and they looked too good to be true.

So Paul and I visited the showroom at lunch on Monday, checked them out and bought all three on the spot. We spent HALF of what we had budgeted to spend on those three items. The oven was less than half the original price, same with the cook top and the dishwasher was discounted a couple hundred bucks. Plus, we didn't have to deal with any pushy sales people. Their staff is laid back and terribly helpful.

Gotta love a deal.

Well, we we're so stoked about our deal, Paul tweeted about our awesome savings and after that sweet little tweet, they surprised us with a $100 gift card. EDITOR'S NOTE: It wasn't actually the Tweet that got us the fame and fortune; Paul had recently "liked" something on their Facebook Page during a little "Like us and win" contest. Regardless, it's awesome.

Photo by Metro Appliance Warehouse
Well, hello kickbacks. My name is Christa and you are welcome to visit anytime you would like. You don't even have to call. Wink.

Considering we still have a refrigerator, microwave, exhaust hood and under-counter fridge to buy, not to mention lighting for our entire house, I know we won't have any issues spending the money.

This is not a sponsored post. We we're not asked to write or review Metro Appliance & More. We just got a great deal, tweeted, and then we were given a gift card. This post is just us telling you about our experience and recommending that you check them out or to keep an eye on their website for clearance items if you're in the market for a new appliance for cheap.

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