Sunday, October 14, 2012

Little Surprises

A few days ago, after work, we swung by the house to make sure that our front yard and back yard had been edged and mowed.

We pulled up in the driveway, did a quick survey and started to back out when I caught a glimpse of something on the front porch. I don't know how I saw it from the car but I made Paul stop, I hopped out and went to investigate.

What I found when I got to the porch was this:

Someone had anonymously left us this book, propped open to our house. What a thoughtful and sweet surprise.

I flipped through it on our way back to the apartment and loved seeing all of the old photos of the homes. I especially loved seeing ours. We determined the photo had to have been taken in the 60's since a window air-conditioning unit is front and center. But look at that baby maple in the front yard.

That's one of the two that we just had to cut down. We plan to plant some new trees and I have a good feeling we can get some big ole trees grown in no time now.

Once we got to the apartment, Paul changed, grabbed some water and headed back to the house to do some work. When he got back to the house there was another book. The same one, laying on the same doors. Either I was so focused on the one propped open that I didn't notice the 2nd copy or someone left us another copy. Either way, we now have two.

So, to the person or persons who left us these books, thank you. After the stress of the previous thoughts, it's nice to see that other people are excited about what we are doing.


  1. What an great, neighborly thing for someone to do!

  2. Awesome story. I do however expect to see that window unit replaced. You want it to be historically authentic right? ;)