Friday, July 26, 2013

Reflecting on What We're Capable Of

I told you pictures were coming and I really do have plans to do that. Tomorrow. Take and post. Since Paul is home it will help me be able to block off a couple of hours to do this.

But today, while filing some photos/documents on my computer I found a photo from our first house in July of 2006. We'd owned the house for about 6 months when this picture was taken. The very first thing I said about the house when we decided we wanted it was that the paint scheme had to go. 5 years later we finally got around to painting it and then a year after that decided to buy Six Twelve. I pulled the photo from our real estate listing and was amazed at how far that house came in 6 years.

We're starting to get very comfortable in Six Twelve. I hope that in six years time the inside and outside of our house will see an impressive amount of  change similar to what this house saw (if it hasn't already based on the shear amount we've put into it).

But do not expect anything quite as impressive from the photos forthcoming for the year one mark. In fact, in some areas, the pictures will look like we've moved backwards, but trust me we're getting there.

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