Friday, August 17, 2012


We lived in Mesta Park for 6.5 years and never once had a criminal incident occur with us or our property. We did have a couple near incidents, once when I was in Kansas City on business, whereby Christa came home to a gentleman sitting on our porch. He then asked for money to buy milk for his kid... And then there was the time that someone stole something out of the bed of a pickup parked in front of our house. But Christa watched that happen and called 911 immediately. "Hello, I just saw a guy on a bicycle steal an air compressor and a skill saw". "What's he look like?" "He's a guy on a bicycle with an AIR COMPRESSOR and a skill saw, duh."

Some time between Tuesday at 11:00 pm and Thursday at 9:00 pm, our patio furniture was taken out of our backyard/back driveway area. The furniture was not at all visible from the street, which makes this even more disheartening. I thought I saw it at the house even on Wednesday night, but I can't recall for sure. No matter what, we're disappointed.

The furniture being gone isn't the biggest problem here; it was a gift from my parents, so that hurts, but it was getting small and we needed to upgrade anyway. By far the worst part is the emotional feeling that someone's been around and been in our space and looking at what we've got to steal.

If you're out and about yard/garage sale shopping this weekend and you happen to see this furniture, let me know and I'll come by and swoop it up. :)

Tonight/tomorrow I'll be installing some temporary security lighting with what little electricity I've left on in the house. And I'll be locking what small stuff we do have in the house even more tightly... I have been taking my nice tools with me every night just in case, so "yay me" on that.

Maybe I'll starting camping in the backyard every night. Mom, dad, can you bring the pop-up camper down here ASAP?

By the way, kudos to the Oklahoma City Police Department for their speed today in filing my report. I called the non-emergency number at 8:49 am, and at 9:00 am an officer called to take the full report. I'm sure, had a I elected the option, my meeting with an officer at the house would have taken much, much longer. This option was quick and easy.

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