Friday, August 10, 2012

Project Update: Month 1

It's already been a month since we purchased SIX TWELVE. Seriously, where does time go? Here's what we've been up to:

Demolition continues. We're starting to get to the point where it will be wrapping up soon but there's still a lot to do.

General Project Update
Schedule: So far we are still on track to be finished by the required six month deadline.

Budget: We still have money left, so that's positive. In all honesty, we're slightly behind thanks to the asbestos, but we had a 10% contingency built into our financing. The cost for abatement fell within that amount, so technically we aren't behind at all.

Paul's Update
Exhaustion Level: Tired after every time I spend working on the house, but not overly exhausted. The heat wave really slowed productivity though, and working on the second floor with no open windows or HVAC has really made work exhausting.

Stress Level: Definitely not as high as Christa’s. I’m typically a much calmer personality (unless it relates to driving… then I’m the Hulk).

Overall Feeling: Ready to get past the hidden work (demo, HVAC, electric, plumbing) and get into finishing so that we can move in. Feeling good about what I’ve done, but also know that I’m not as far as I would have thought we’d be. This week was supposed to be framing for a couple small items, but we still have a lot of demolition to do before that even begins.

Looking Back: I would have been better prepared to undertake such hard demolition. I still haven’t figured out the best system for removing ceilings; I can take off about 50 square feet of plaster/lath on a wall in about 20 minutes. I’ve yet to get more than 5 square feet of ceiling down. I get frustrated and turn to whatever wall that needs to be removed and that I haven’t yet done.

Looking Forward: Ready to get back to family and spending time at home with Christa and Addi… and getting time to study for the PE exam that I’m taking in October. Oh yeah, and HVAC and new electric in the house itself. Ready for the modern amenities to begin.

Christa's Update
Exhaustion Level:  Not all that bad. I've been pushing more paper than plaster this last month. The days I do get to help with the physical labor, it's sort of invigorating.

Stress Level: OFF THE CHARTS

Overall Feeling: Pessimistically optimistic :)

Looking Back: I would have better prepared myself for the amount of time that I was either going to be without my husband or without my kid. I think I had an idealistic view of how renovation projects used to go for us. Both of us in the thick of it working together not worrying about the amount of family time we were giving to each other or to our daughter. It's been a tough struggle to balance our home with our home life.

Looking Forward: HVAC! Oh, how I look forward to HVAC. The weather has been brutal and a stagnant house in this heat has been miserable. The upstairs is at least 15 degrees warmer than the downstairs and when you're talking about NO air at all - it's just, gross. A conditioned space also means it's time for finishes which means FUN.

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