Thursday, December 13, 2012

Picking Paint

We're no where ready to paint at the house but were busy making selections in the meantime.

I was using the dining room table to lay out our finishes, but thanks to grabby toddler hands and a Christmas tree, I have been moved to the backside of the front door with some magnets.

Paul and I determined that we wanted a pretty neutral base for the house (in most cases) so any color we added with furniture, drapes, etc., would be more intense.

The trim and ceilings will all be white (Sherwin Williams Snowbound) and we are down to our final three selections for the main wall paint. It's going to be in the gray family but our last three choices are pretty wide in terms of lightness vs. darkness.

Addison's room and the kid/guest bath are going to receive an off white blue-ish paint for the walls. But that's the only paint (besides the white ceilings and trim) that I've actually selected.

Surely just staring at the back of the door will inspire me to pick one right?!

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