Friday, November 23, 2012

The To-Do List Grows

I guess it's not really growing. Every time we scratch something off, we find another task to complete that wasn't on the list in the first place. It just doesn't really appear to be decreasing right now. For example, we finished the bonus room sub-floor and determined that it was going to be necessary to remove the wood floor in the kitchen.

Now, before you go getting upset that we ripped out "original" wood floors, let's discuss some things.

1) The floor in the kitchen was a mixture of plaster and wood.
2) Large pieces of the wood floor were missing due to wall locations, leaving sub-floor exposed.
3) Two layers of linoleum had been directly glued on top of the original wood floor, leaving a mess of paper on top.
4) That paper backing had asbestos in it (which was all properly removed, but that wood was still tainted in our opinion).
5) Leaving the original floor would require a pretty hefty transition between the dining room and kitchen, the kitchen and bonus room, and the bonus room and living room.

Removing the kitchen floor, while time consuming would allow for a more seamless application of tile, only one transition and the install would feel "right" or "new" instead of feeling like a renovation project.

So Paul got to work removing the wood which turned out to be quite a bit harder than expected, as usual.


We still have to remove the plaster portion (seen by the back door) and the rows of nails that run up and down the room but once it's completely finished, it'll be a breeze for us to install our tile.

We've decided to have a very small transition between the living room and bonus room (capped with a wood transition strip) and also between the dining room and kitchen.

We've opted to use a marble threshold between the bonus room and kitchen. While I'm not a fan of breaking up the tile (I would much prefer a seamless application), this doorway is much smaller, read: less noticeable, and for a 1/2" transition, it's no higher than a typical transition accepted by code.

On to more tasks - marking off and adding to.

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