Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Official: The Closing

As of 10:22 this morning, our little bungalow on 20th Street no longer belonged to us. I won't lie, I wanted to cry a little.

But as of 12:37 this afternoon, we officially became the owners of a red brick mini-mansion on 16th Street. I won't lie, I wanted to cry a little again. Tears of fear this time.

Paul, my dad and my brother moved us out of the house into an apartment (more on this later) last weekend while my mom, Addison and I were playing in Corpus Christi with my grandparents. And over the last week, we've slowly been grabbing a box here and a box there on our daily commute.

Last night, we rented another truck from the lovely folks at U-Haul and loaded up the remaining items from our basement and garage to be moved to the new house's basement and garage after the closings were complete.

Lastly, we scrubbed the house down for the new owners,

said our goodbyes to our sweet neighbors,

and said goodbye to the home where our little family began.

Today, we spent a few hours at the office before heading to our first title company of the day to close the deal on our sale. The couple who bought our home are from Edmond (a suburb of Oklahoma City), empty nesters, looking to downsize. The deal could not have gone any smoother. We had a great realtor who worked closely with the buyers agent to make sure everything was in place and ready to go for today. Smooth sailing.

Our closings were set to coincide one after the other but we had some time since the first one went so quickly. We swung over to Home Depot and bought ourselves a new washer and dryer to be delivered to our apartment on Tuesday.

The formal and final paperwork for both sales!
By the time we were done purchasing two of our new appliances we made our way to the second title company of the day and bought ourselves a house. Fortunately, (unfortunate for the blog) it wasn't any more eventful than that. The property had fallen into foreclosure a couple of years ago and was owned by a bank in Colorado. However, we purchased the home from a local wholesaler.  Bill, the wholesaler, lives just a few blocks from our previous home and was an easy going guy to work with. However, I think he drove our realtor nuts with concerns that we would back out. Apparently, he thought this was nuts and that we were nuts for undertaking it.

And we are.

But we didn't back out.

Let the party begin.

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