Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kid(s)/Guest Bathroom

No that is not an announcement that there is more than one kid in this household. Just the belief that one day there probably will be. We refer to this bathroom as the "kids" bath all the time. Just imagine Addison and her imaginary siblings fighting at the door for shower time. And yep, there's a reason we still have just one. 

I'm not sure you are going to believe me...but we actually did something on the house checklist last night. I'm not sure I even believe that we did it.

You guys. We have so many things left to mark off of our punch list but we are enjoying being a family way too much to want to do them. Slowly but surely we're starting to make this house our own. Very slowly, but very surely.

I decided when we bought this particular house, knowing that we could be in it for a long haul, that I wasn't going to buy stuff or pick stuff just to have it up. I may have already talked about this, but I don't want to buy something just because I need something on my walls or on my floor. This is so hard for me. We still have paper shades up in every window of our livable rooms. Do I want shades and curtains? You betcha. Do I want to spend $400-$1,000 on those items until I am 100% sure of exactly what I want? Not a chance. So there the paper shades hang and the wood floors stay uncovered. It's going to happen, but when the right pieces/fabrics/rugs just happen to come along too. I'm also having a difficulty deciding what my priority is for purchase. We need a dresser/cabinet in our master bathroom. But I also need some bookshelves (wah wah no gorgeous built-ins like our last house). I also want a mirror for the mantle. And drapes and rugs and and and and... It's hard to decide what to buy first.

Here I am justifying all these things to you...when really this is just a reminder to myself to chill the freak out.

But for real, we made progress last night.

Over a month ago, when we went to Dallas to help my parents move, we bought a wall kitchen cabinet from IKEA for the kid's bath to hang above the toilet in it's nice neat little nook. We put that cabinet together, took all of 30 minutes and then realized that you had to have a bracket to hang it on the wall. A bracket that is sold separately for only $6.00. But a bracket no one at IKEA told me about and the literature on the web wasn't clear about. So assembled, this cabinet set in one of the spare bedrooms on the floor awaiting our next trip to Dallas. Because you know how much it costs to ship a $6.00 bracket? $35.00 or more. Oh IKEA, how I sometimes loathe you.

So on my last trip down there, I bee-lined in, paid and bee-lined out with my enormous wall bracket and we were on our way. Except we got home and that bracket set in our kitchen for a week and a half. We both got a fire lit underneath us last night (for some reason unbeknownst to us) and got that cabinet up on the wall! Small victories people!

We now have a full time intern/helper. I am unfortunately not the most patient person in the world so some nights this is a blessing and some nights this is a curse. She's so sweet and wants to "measure" and "hammer" and do everything we do. 

Once we got the bracket installed on the wall, we put up the cabinet, re-attached the doors and BAM.

I can finally store towels in this bathroom, and toilet paper. It's going to function like a real bathroom people. I have two brass knobs to install on it to match the four I put on the vanity.We also finally installed our toilet paper holder in this room last night while our kiddo took her bath.

I am also digging around for some artwork to hang between the cabinet and toilet tank. I have a frame already but need to find the right picture or piece to hang. Crown molding in this restroom with some paint touch ups, caulking and a window treatment = done.

With that being said, crown molding has been sort of a touchy subject with me. Every single room will have some sort of crown treatment, I've just decided that's more money than my pocket book can handle at this time. I haven't decided if it will be better to do a room here and a room there or if we should just save up, pay a contractor to come in and wrap every room. I like the second option, minus the pay a contractor part.

Funny to think that the two rooms we might finish first are the bathrooms. It makes sense since these are the only two small rooms in the house. It's easy to finish rooms that have a high level of necessity and the right amount of square footage. The kitchen's necessity is up there - but so is the square footage, window count, hardware needs, etc. 

For those of you still reading, stick around, who knows, maybe the trend will continue and we'll keep getting things done and posts written!

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