Wednesday, January 30, 2013

30 Day Notice

When we moved into our apartment, we signed a six month lease in hopes of being done with the house a little before or right at the six month period. As that date was rapidly approaching we knew we wouldn't be ready to move out by January 13th and we decided to have a month-to-month rent agreement set up with our apartment complex and an extension set up with our mortgage company.

We found only two problems with going month-to-month. (1) Our monthly rent increased but only by about $30.00 and (2) You wouldn't receive a pro-rated amount for moving out in the middle of a month (like you would at the beginning or end of an actual term lease).

So when we decided we needed to stay through January, it was determined we would stay through the entirety of January to make it worth the rent.

As the electrician finished up, the plumbing was put in place and drywall was beginning, we determined we would need the apartment for the month of February as well. So after discussing the need for the extension with our mortgage company and being granted one, it was official. We would stay until February 28th. And while the end of February still seems a ways off, believe it or not, today, we gave our 30 Day Notice to the complex.

That means that we not only have 30 days to finish our project in it's entirety but we also have to pack and move. That means in 30 days, we will no longer be living in a one bedroom, 850 square foot apartment as a family of three.

I'm a mix of emotions about all of it. We've worked so hard and for so long that it will be so nice to actually live there. It will be nice to have a 15-20 minute daycare drop off and commute instead of a 40 minute one. It will be nice to eat dinner as a family and then have my husband actually be able to hang out with me after Addison goes to bed even if it just includes painting a china cabinet or hanging drapes, unpacking boxes and rearranging furniture. It will be nice to be able to do things together again.

But it'll be weird. Even though we've poured our blood, sweat and tears (quite literally on all three accounts) into this house, it doesn't feel like our house yet. I know it won't take long, but it'll feel like we're playing sleepover at first. And when you spend 7-8 months living somewhat separate lives, there's a re-adjustment period that is bound to occur. We're going to have to get used to eachother again.

My mom said a few months ago that I would miss the simplistic living of our one-bedroom. She's right. There is something very "old" and oddly familiar about living as a family in such a small space, the way it was done for years way back when in little villages or early California (ring any bells Nanny?). I've never lived in this close of quarters (other than my dorm room) with two other human beings and we've become very aware of eachother and I think our relationship has grown because of it.

But this little 8 month window of our lives is almost at a close and some days that is a good thing and some days it is not. I can only imagine that the state of mess that our little apartment seems to stay in is only going to magnify itself by 3 when we get to the house. That's a lot of square footage to clean people.

So, here it is, our 30 day notice. To our apartment complex, to you guys, to ourselves.


  1. I so feel you when talking about the apartment! However, you seem to not mind it...I HATE IT! And we've only been here for 5 days, and we have only 2 weeks left. I can't WAIT for the 2 weeks to be here! Lauren gets her own room and Hanna is sleeping in our room in her crib.

    Good luck on finishing the house! We would REALLY love to come up once you get settled to see it! The girls would play so well together!

    1. I think if I knew we were staying for as short of a time as you guys are I would have hated it too. I mean, it's just an extended type of hotel stay for you guys. But a full 8 months, while not fantastic was not bad. We actually lived in the apartment, we didn't squat. Make sense? It was nice to have a "home" in the in-between stage where we could cook and do laundry. I'm excited to see pictures of your new place!